Wide Format Portfolio for Printing Pictures

On May 15-18, the FESPA Global Print Expo 2018 will feature a wide range of print format. It will include digital, screen, and textile as print formats. In this event, Epson will showcase a variety of their applications and equipment. Their exhibit aims to highlight the quality, performance, and versatility of their newest digital technology. The applications consist of pioneering substrates and several intriguing designs. Students will also be invited to the exhibit to display their award-winning creations.

Epson’s line-up will consist of its two brand new textile printers: (1) the SureColor SC-F2100 Direct to Garment printer and (2) the SureColor SC-F9300 dye sublimation printer. In addition, the exhibit will also feature the already established SureColor SC-F6200. These printers will be used for interior and fashion textiles that will take the spotlight of the show.

The spotlight is on the award-winning Richard Quinn’s womenswear haute couture collection. He was recently recognized and awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design during the London Fashion Week. It should be noted that all the items that will be featured in his collection were printed using the SureColor SC-F printers. The Epson T200XL Ink Cartridges enables the high-quality printing for Epson printers.

Additionally, the Epson line-up includes the SureColor SC-S range. Most of the decorations, signages, and backlit materials will make use of the SC-60600 and SC-80600 models. The SureColor SC-P printer which specializes in photographic quality print will also be utilized. Clear and vivid images can also be produced using the Epson T200XL Ink Cartridges.