Why are Compatible Cartridges so Cheap?

Many inkjet cartridges currently available for Epson, Brother and many Canon printers (also a handful of Hp printers) are brand new compatibles. These are not original brand name OEM cartridges; they are new cartridges made by a different manufacturer.

These cartridges do not have a printhead built in to each cartridge so it is a much simpler design with less electronics. Most compatible cartridges contain no moving parts other than a simple spring locking clip on the outside of the cartridge that holds it in place inside the printer. This simple design also allows for the replication of the cartridge by other manufacturers with slight variations, while still respecting the original patented design of the OEM. Epson, Brother and many Canon printers have the printhead built into the printer itself so each replaced cartridge only replaces the ink, not the entire printhead.

Because the design is so simple, cost of production is much less and is largely automated. The cartridges are produced in mass by production facilities that utilize machinery, not human hands like much of the remanufacturing process for cartridges that have built-in printheads.

Compatible cartridges typically have no electronics other than possibly a small microchip to identify the cartridge. In simple terms, you can think of a compatible cartridge as simply a plastic reservoir containing an ink filled sponge.

With a simple design, low material cost and a low manufacturing labor; compatible cartridges are a fraction of the cost of their OEM counterparts. Typically, buying compatible cartridges can save you between 50 – 80% over the cost of the originals.

Currently, these compatible cartridges comprise an estimated 17-20% of the printer supplies market share for Epson, Canon and Brother. This number has been growing with each consecutive year and should continue to expand in the near future.

In general, Epson, Canon or Brother compatible cartridges are the most economical way of printing, in comparison to everything else in the inkjet world.

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