What You Need to Know About Uninet’s Latest Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer

uninet-ublimationUniNet is an original equipment manufacturer with products that are found everywhere in the world.

It recently created a printer named iColor 350, which is only for using sublimation with dye printing.

The iColor 350 series takes Uninet sublimation capability to a whole new level, and thus the products created have a much higher and vibrant quality, and are guaranteed to last for much longer.

How Is The iColor 350 Series Different from Other Transfer Printers?

The Uninet sublimation technology for these series incorporates a special toner, which was not present in the previous models. It also adds heat to facilitate the transfer of images to metal, acrylic, ceramic, and different types of textiles using a quick, one-step method that is permanent. This contributes to the higher quality seen in the products.

With this transfer printer, there is no need to prime systems prior to the delivery of inks and no need for all the maintenance that comes with other transfer printers, including the cleaning of the printheads of the ink.

It has a more durable toner which is quite different from the toner that is in most inkjet printers. It produces higher quality products at faster rates.

To add to all of these advantages, this transfer printer does not need special media during transfers. It saves costs by allowing the use of regular paper.

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What You Need to Know About Uninet's Latest Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer
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