What You Need to Know about Brother Drum Counter Reset

After using your Brother drum cartridge, there will be a time when you’re going to have to replace it with a new one. Now, when most people think about drum cartridge replacement, they would immediately think of opening it up and replacing it just like what they would do with regular Brother LC75 ink cartridges. However, unlike normal Brother LC75 ink cartridges, there is a drum counter reset option that you need to think of. Here are three ways on how to do it:

For Regular Printers:

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on, then open the front lid.
  2. Hold the Go button and wait until the indicators light.
  3. Once they do, release the Go button.
  4. Open the front again and ensure that the Drum indicator is not lit.

You may try this next option if the above one doesn’t work:

  1. On your device and open the front.
  2. Click on the Options button in the front.
  3. Wait for a Replace the Drum message to appear then press the up arrow.
  4. Once you see the Accepted message, close the lid.

You may also try this option if the two above still don’t work:

  1. Turn the printer on and open the front.
  2. Click on the Clear Button.
  3. Wait for the Replace the Drum message and click on the up arrow key.
  4. Wait for the Accepted message to appear and then close the lid.

These are some of the options for you to choose when you want to replace your drum cartridge. You must never forget to do a proper drum cartridge reset before you replace the drums counter.