What to Do When Brother Printer Won’t Print Black

Brother Inkjet printers are very reliable when used correctly.  However, you might experience some problems while printing. One of the most common complications in printing using Brother Inkjet is the when the black cartridge is not detected. When you encounter this problem, you can do one of the following:

  • The “breather tape or the shipping tape” on top of the Brother LC 101 Ink cartridge may not be fully removed. Be sure to remove itbefore installing the cartridge. Otherwise, the ink remains sealed in the cartridge and cannot flow into the printer.
  • Letting the Brother LC101 ink run dry before replacing the cartridge. When one keeps on printing despite the warning that the black cartridge ink is getting low, air is introduced into the print nozzle. The air going into the print nozzle will eventually dry the ink that is already in the nozzle and may even damage the printhead permanently.
  • You might not have used your printer for a long time.When you print regularly, there is ink continuously flowing through the printhead, thus preventing the ink from drying out in the nozzle.
  • Using inks other than the Brother LC101 ink is not recommended by the manufacturer. Brother Inkjet printers use specific ink designed to perform correctly with their own machines. The specified viscosity of the ink, for instance, will affect the flow rate so as not to solidify or dry too fast.

If the Brother printer won’t print black, you are advised to check if one of the reasons enumerated above is the case.  Verifying if the ink cartridges are installed properly, checking if the “breather tape” has been fully removed, and cleaning the printhead may solve the problem. Brother printer has an Ink Management key on its control panel which one can use to resolve the cleaning of the printhead.