What Printer Takes Epson 200 Ink?

Epson 200 inkEpson 200 inks are considered one of the quality printers in the market today. However, it is quite a challenge to know which printers are compatible to operate using this ink. What printer takes Epson 200 ink? There are a few printers that are compatible to operate using Epson 200 ink. Here are some of them:

  • Epson Expression Home XP-200
  • Epson Expression Home XP-300
  • Epson Expression Home XP-310
  • Epson Expression Home XP-400
  • Epson Expression Home XP-410
  • Epson Workforce WF-2010F
  • Epson Workforce WF-2010W
  • Epson Workforce WF-2510
  • Epson Workforce WF-2520
  • Epson Workforce WF-2520NF
  • Epson Workforce WF-2530
  • Epson Workforce WF-2530WF
  • Epson Workforce WF-2540
  • Epson Workforce WF-2540WF

There are other printers that can be compatible with Epson 200 ink. However, it is not a guarantee that testing ink cartridges from Epson 200, other than the listed printer models, would work. If it does, then it’s great, that’s but not an assurance that it would last longer. It is best to understand why ink cartridges are specially designed for specific printer models, especially with brands.

If you are looking for other printer inks, it is always the right thing to visit the manufacturer’s website. If your printer is an Epson brand, you can visit the Epson website and type in your printer model to know which ink cartridges are compatible with your printers. It is highly recommended to know and understand the native ink cartridge type you get from the moment you receive your printer so that you would know which ink cartridge models you need to get from your nearest computer shop.