What kind of printer you should never buy

Not all printers are created equal. There are certain models of printers that you should never get, despite being made by a highly reputable company. These kinds of printers are the ones that run with only two ink cartridges (one cartridge for black like the Canon PG245, and another for the colored inks). So why should you avoid such kinds of printers?

At first glance they seem cost-effective. You’d think that replacing two ink cartridges is always cheaper than replacing four. In most cases that is true. However, it is the exact opposite with printers that run with two cartridges. A single tri-color cartridge is cheaper, but they are treated as one ink cartridge. This means that if you manage to deplete one of the three colors you will be forced to replace the whole cartridge. This is something you should always avoid when you are running a business that requires everyday usage of the printer.

Moreover, if you prefer to print in high-quality, colored documents, these kinds of printers may not be ideal. This is why professional photographers choose multi-cartridge printers. Some printers even use six to eight cartridges to print smoother pictures. This also allows the user to print various shades of colors. With printers that only utilize two cartridges, you have limited options.

If you’re looking for an overall cost-effective printer, never get the ones that have only two cartridges. Sure, their cartridges may be cheaper, like the Canon PG245 and CL246, but they are not designed for homes and businesses that print a lot.