Types of Printer Ink: Explained

Epson T200XL

Are you planning to buy a new printer soon? If yes, then the first thing to consider is to determine what kind of printer you want to buy. A particular printer uses different kinds of ink, and there are a number of pros and cons when using each type. If you are using an Epson T200XL ink right now, but you do not what type of ink it is, please read below for more information.

  1. Liquid Ink

Inkjet printers usually use liquid ink to display messages and text during printing. It usually comes in 2 forms, a dye-based ink which is cheaper and a pigment-based ink which is costlier. All these ink-based printers such as the Epson T200XL ink usually produce more realistic colors and are best in printing graphics and photos.

  1. Toner

A toner is a dry kind of ink that is made up of tiny pigments and particles and is being used by LED and laser printers. These printers are usually faster compared to inkjet printers but can’t produce the same quality.

  1. Solid Ink

Solid inks are non-toxic pigment particles that are embedded to a wax and are comparable to crayon. The printers make use of a heated print head in order to melt the ink and print it ontothe paper.

  1. Ribbons

Old printers usually use an ink ribbon system to print onto the paper. This type of printers usually has a long ribbon that passes on the ink.


Knowing the different types of ink in a printer will give you idea on what model to buy for your next printer.