This is What Happens When You Accidentally Put In the Wrong Type of Ink Cartridge


Cartridges are manufactured in a way that allows them to be used in a specific printer model. Installing the wrong cartridge could pose damage both to the cartridge and your printer. Several cartridges have almost similar names, for instance, the HP 61XL black cartridges, which makes it easily confusable.

1. Potential printer damage

Different ink cartridges have different designs depending on the intended printer for use. Therefore, cartridge designs will differ depending on the brand. The wrong cartridge will thus be difficult to install, and when forced, could snap into pieces. Which could be damaging to both the cartridge and printer?

2. Your printer probably won’t work.

The majority of ink cartridges, including the HP 61XL black cartridges, have an inside microchip which is a form of communication with the printer after correct installation. Now, installing the wrong cartridge means there is no communication, and you are probably going to get error messages popping up.

3. Wasted money

Most shops do not make refunds after purchase, which means you will have wasted money buying the wrong cartridge. Buying replacement ink is quite expensive. To avoid this, thoroughly check your printer’s manual; alternatively, go through your manufacturer’s website to obtain the same information. In case you are still confused, carry with you the empty cartridge.

Final Verdict

Remember that an inkjet printer is a source of output and maybe earning. Ensure you buy the right cartridge and install it correctly. Always cross-check the cartridge before installation to avoid printer damage. A wrong installation could have negative impacts such as discolored printouts and other damaged hardware.

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This is What Happens When You Accidentally Put In the Wrong Type of Ink Cartridge
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