The Top 3 Best Web Browsers Reviewed

What Internet browser are you using?

Are you happy with it?

If you’re not sure what an Internet browser is (don’t laugh, many aren’t sure), it’s the software application installed on your computer that turns internet website files into the visual web pages you can interact with.

Different browsers have different features, strengths and weaknesses, which also change over time (anyone remember Netscape?). Since technology is always changing, it’s good to occasionally review your choices, so here is a quick run down of 3 popular browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. There are a few others out there, but we will talk about these three.

First, there is Microsoft Internet explorer — the old standby and most popular browser primarily because it comes installed standard in PCs using the Windows operating system.

The newest version of Internet Explorer (version 8), is being touted as the best browser yet from Microsoft.

The improved privacy with IE8 is superior to anything else currently on the market. There are also some new features good for bloggers and a new color-coded tab browsing function that is nice too. If you already like Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will enjoy the updated version so you may want to download it.

Download Internet Explorer 8 here

That being said, the browser is a little on the slow side compared to Google Chrome and doesn’t have the depth of customization options if compared to other browsers like Firefox.

The Microsoft browser monopoly has been eroding over the last few years despite the ongoing release of updated and improved versions. Some say this is due to lack of innovation, others believe that it is due to Internet vulnerabilities and a higher rate of attack from hackers. Whatever the reasons, there is a lot more competition now and they are losing market share as time goes on.

Netscape became Mozilla “Firefox” in 2004. This browser has a growing contingent of users thanks to rave reviews from companies like PC Magazine, Cnet and the Wall Street Journal.

Firefox’s 100% free and open source software has spawned a loyal, almost cult like following.

This ever-evolving browser comes with a preinstalled anti virus application, popup and spyware protection and actually warns you about risky sites before you visit them.

Firefox has excellent speed and performance due in part, to a tab-browsing feature that doesn’t use as much processing power as traditional browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer do.

There are also many ways to personalize your online experience thanks to the hundreds of add on applications. (These “add-ons” are little programs that “tweak” your browser to perform various tasks or add specific functionality that you may find helpful.) I personally use Firefox at home and have one add-on that remembers my passwords, another add-on that reminds me of special dates, and a few other goodies that are perfect for me.

To be fair, there are some sites will not work as well with Mozilla Firefox compared to Microsoft Internet Explorer but they are few and far between, especially for the average Internet user – but then again, there are also websites that work find with Firefox, but cause problems with Internet Explorer.

With all the speed, power and versatility, it is easy to see how Firefox has become a major player in the last few years.

You can download a free copy of Firefox here:

Download Mozilla Firefox here

Lastly, there is Google Chrome, which was released in late 2008 and has since been converting many users.

The Google Chrome Internet browser is very stable (crash resistant), because each tab has been engineered like its’ own separate browser. If there is a problem, only the single tab closes rather than a complete crash that ends your entire session and all browser windows.

An integrated address bar “Omnibox” combines the already powerful Google search bar with the address bar. No need to type an exact URL in the address bar, including “https://” or “.com” or “.net” anymore. This smart feature will automatically produce the desired web site you seek which can be helpful.

It does come with some other neat stuff like “Incognito mode”, which suspends the automatic caching functions so the sites you visit will not be recorded — perfect for hiding shopping history before the holidays.

This sleek and simple Internet browser doesn’t have many add on features (like ad blocking, bookmarking or customization options). but it is really fast.

It’s been reported that Google Chrome can sometimes have problems with a few videos compared to other browsers, but I’m sure that will be addressed soon.

You can download a copy of the Google Chrome browser here:

Download Google Chrome here

Count on seeing Google Chrome improve quickly and gather more users in the near future. As time goes on, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them become a major player and possibly even dominate the browser market just like everything else they have touched.

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