The Myths About Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges

Whenever you are choosing any of third party printer supplies, you have to be careful about the product. Quality varies greatly between manufacturers and suppliers. If the materials are of lower grade or the ink formulation, it will be a problem for the quality of the print. Since, they are outsourced, sometimes through multiple companies, switching suppliers and the cartridge brand could be different than the time before.

The Myths & Clarifications for Remanufactured printer cartridges:

    • These have been fine-tuned to work with your machine. If quality needs to be high but not absolutely perfect or you are doing every day printing, a generic will be more cost effective and you may not notice the difference.
    • One should decide which printer ink to use only after considering their printing goals. If you are printing quality photos to display, a presentation meant to impress or something you are selling, you surely should use the genuine OEM brand.
    • You should understand the difference between compatible ink cartridges and re-manufactured cartridges. Generic cartridges can be used with any printer but remanufactured inks must be checked if it is compatible with your printer.
    • The best remanufacturers use an only virgin core which means that only used once when it was a new OEM and contain mostly new parts especially the drum and cleaning blades/brushes. You also need to make sure a toner or ink cartridge includes the “chip” that was on the original which the printer or copier reads to give technical information like remaining yield.
  • A compatible offers no recycling at the manufacture point. A remanufactured cartridge does not directly offer earth friendly benefits but it is much of an environmentally conscious choice to make for a user.

After so much of clarifications, it is not recommend that you take your brand new printer and start feeding it compatible or remanufactured ink. Therefore, keep a balance and save your money in a more budgeted way where you use OEM cartridges after every three packs of remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges.