The Different Ways to Print on Wood

print_to_woodPrinting on wood is a great way to make unique designs for your household, workplace, and gifts! You can create plaques, signs, and many creative custom-designed products. There are many ways to print on wood. 5 methods will be discussed here.

Before you print on wood, you should:

  • Get the materials you need

You’ll need a board with the wood of your choice. Pine is a good option. You would also need Acetone, acid brushes, foam brushes, a gel type medium (liquitex), acid and foam brushes, polycrylics, and lacquer spray.

  • Organize your materials

Organization is key to making sure everything goes smoothly.

5 Methods to Use When Printing On Wood

  • Using Acetone

The good thing about this method is that it is quick; however, acetone is a strong chemical and the quality of the image produced is average.

  • Use an Iron

The same iron used for straightening rumpled clothes can be used here to iron the paper on to the wood.

It is cheap and quick, but the image formed is not of the best quality because the heat produced is not enough.

  • Use Polycrylic

Although it gets quite messy when it’s time to remove the paper and it takes about an hour for it to dry, the image produced is of truly excellent quality.

  • Use A Gel-type Medium

It produces great quality images, and the gel used is safe on the hands. However, it takes a longer time than other methods.

  • Use Laser Printers

This is one of the best methods, and the instructions are easy to follow. However, laser printers are expensive. The detail and color produced are fabulous. The laser may not be able to replicate images in the desired quality.

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The Different Ways to Print on Wood
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