Temperature and How It Affects Ink Cartridges

Most people don’t know that the temperature can affect your printer’s ink cartridge. A lot of ink cartridges, such as the Epson T200 ink cartridges, are actually very sensitive to temperature and the extreme ones may damage not only the ink inside but also the cartridge itself.

Reaction to Extreme Heat

If the printer cartridge is exposed to too much heat, the tendency is that the air bubbles of the ink will expand inside the cartridges. When this happens, the ink will leak out of the cartridge due to it being pushed outward. Leaks not only damage the cartridge but also damage the printer when you start using it.

Reaction to Extreme Cold

Usually, the cold won’t really do anything to your printer ink. However, if it’s exposed to extremely cold weather such as during the winter, then it is possible for the ink to harden. It won’t necessarily freeze because of the composition of ink, but it will clump up. This will make it harder for you to print stuff because the ink won’t flow smoothly out of the cartridge.


If you own a printer, especially an Epson printer with Epson T200 ink cartridges, then it’s very important that you keep the cartridges at the correct temperature. If your cartridges are inside the printer, keep the printer in a place that’s not exposed to temperature change. Probably under the computer table or beside it. When the cartridges aren’t on the computer, it’ll be wise for you to keep it in your cabinet. The key here is to store them in a place with a temperature of around 40 to 880 degrees Fahrenheit.