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What You Need to Know About Uninet’s Latest Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer

uninet-ublimationUniNet is an original equipment manufacturer with products that are found everywhere in the world.

It recently created a printer named iColor 350, which is only for using sublimation with dye printing.

The iColor 350 series takes Uninet sublimation capability to a whole new level, and thus the products created have a much higher and vibrant quality, and are guaranteed to last for much longer.

How Is The iColor 350 Series Different from Other Transfer Printers?

Sublimation Trends in 2019


It’s already midway of the year 2019, and there are still a lot of new technologies that can boost your business. When you’re into sublimation business, it is good for you to get updated of the list of new sublimation trends that are already launched and to those will be launched. Here are some of the sublimation trends in 2019 you should pay attention.

Drinking Containers

The huge demand for drinkware for both hot and cold beverages is a surefire booster in sublimation business. Keeping aligned with the trend, more insulated tumblers are making its way for sublimation printing. Aside from this, there are new drinking containers that are being sold through sublimation media such as frosted mugs, growlers, and metallic coatings too.

UniNet Releases a New Sublimation Transfer Printer

uniNet-sublimation-printersThe year is full of new creation and innovation, making every day work much easier to do, and sublimation printer is not an exception. Taken in the Long Beach California, UniNet sublimation printers has finally arrived. The line-up of UniNet sublimation printer has been added after it released its new iColor 350, exclusively made for dye sublimation.

The components of the said printer are different from the earlier sublimation printers. With its exclusivity, it uses a specifically formulated dye sublimation toner that gives a high-quality result, with more vibrant color and more durable prints.