Steps to Reset Your Brother HL-2240 after Toner Refill

Printer is that productive part of your life which can give you some rest and some relief. It will give you the leverage to leave early from the office and let you take work home and do it with ease. It keeps you stress-free from getting all the arrangements of presentation done. Choose the right Brother HL-2240 toner cartridges and don’t let the manufacturers trap you with their marketing skills.

1. After your toner cartridge is refilled, turn your Brother HL-2240 off

2. Open the front cover of the printer, press and hold Go and turn power on. (Note: Do not let the button go.)

3. When all the 3 lights are on, release the Go button.

4. Press the Go button twice and you will notice the Ready light blink green every time you press the Go button.)

5. When all of the lights have light up, press and release the Go button 5 times (You will see the Ready light blink green every time you press the Go button)

6. In case of any error light will start blinking (Note: Don’t panic as these are quite expected.)

7. Close the door and wait for the printer to cycle through and make the sound it makes when you initially cut it on.

8. When the sound stops, your green Ready light will be on and solid.

9. If your computer is searching for maintenance mode driver, power off printer, wait 5 seconds and turn it back on.

With the boom in the sales of Brother HL-2240 toner cartridges, printer manufacturers are preparing quite hard to empty your pocket smoothly. Don’t let the huge marketing campaign and ads get you with some bad printer. Choose a manufacturer and supplier which depend on what you are printing but check according to the industry standard which can at least lead towards a result. If your printer’s costs exceed these averages of the standards, you should consider looking for another one. You must research before making an investment and dig deeper to understand every move of manufacturers and designers.