Step by Step Guide on Refilling an Inkjet Printer Cartridge


There are two types of cartridges- the refillable ones and the regular ones. We will discuss steps on how to refill regular cartridges which are the most common. An example of a regular cartridge includes the Epson T200XL Ink Cartridges. Here is the refill process.

  1. Identify your work area

Stains can be messy, which is why you need to identify your working space and prepare it. Ink could pour and leave stains, so you wouldn’t want to do the refill over valuable stuff. Place some towels to absorb any spills.

  1. Puncture a hole

Most cartridges have their ink in tiny reservoirs in the plastic shell, including the typical Epson T200XL Ink Cartridges. To reach the repository, you need to puncture a hole at the top, where there is a sticky label. Peel the sticker and make a hole. Some cartridge brands such as HP mostly have a pre-existing hole, so you don’t need to make another one.

  1. Inject the ink

Note that some cartridges hold ink in the form of sponges, which could result in you experiencing resistance as you try to wiggle the syringe. Using a needle, suck up some ink and inject it into the cartridge. If you see the ink bubbling out, then the cartridge could either be starting to fill up or some air might have entered.

  1. Plug the hole and try it out

Some kits have plastic stoppers which are enough to fit the hole. In case there aren’t any, you can cover the hole using tape. Clean the printer and ensure everything is in place. Now add your recently refilled cartridge and try it out.

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Step by Step Guide on Refilling an Inkjet Printer Cartridge
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