Simple Tips to Care for Your Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridges are very important in an office that’s why we should also take care of them so they would last the longest time possible. One of the most popular product offices are using is the Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridge, which is very efficient for office use.

Below are some tips to care for your Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges for more efficient and flawless printing.

  1. Pre-installation Check-Up

Before installing your ink cartridge, check for possible damages. Before removing the protective tape, check if the plastic pull tab or clip is properly secured and then gently shake the cartridge to prime the ink.

The gold contact chip is very important for each ink cartridge as it provides data for your ink level, so be sure that it’s free from scratch, dust, and other impurities.

  1. Ink Cartridge Installation

When installing your ink cartridge, be sure to check your printer’s manual first to avoid incorrect installation which can damage your printer. If no printer manual is available, explore other resources like checking the manual on the printer’s website or watching YouTube videos as it’s always possible to find the correct manual from those options.

  1. Ink levels

Nowadays, most printers have this advanced feature where you can see the amount of ink left. In this way, you can always keep track of your ink level and know when is the right time to replace it.

Ink cartridges like Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges are very ideal for high-volume printing in an office environment and provide an exceptional printing experience so always be sure that you’re handling it with proper care for a long-lasting business partnership.