Refilling the Epson T502 Eco Tank for the Epson ET-2700 will save you 50%

The following Epson Ecotanks:
Epson T502120 Compatibles Epson 502 Black Ink Tank
Epson T502220 Compatibles Epson 502 Cyan Ink Tank
Epson T502320 Compatibles Epson 502 Magenta Ink Tank
Epson T502420 Compatibles Epson 502 Yellow Ink Tank
Epson T502520 Compatibles Epson 502 Combo Pack Ink Tank

Can be refilled with the Universal Inkjet ink refill bottles with their accessory Ecotank 502 filling nozzles. The part numbers of these items are:


(the above part numbers come with ink for over 100% of the original Epson ecotank page yield, and the accessory Ecotank 502 filling nozzles)

If you’ve been paying any attention at all over the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard about businesses that promise to save an extensive amount of money on printer ink cartridges. Specifically, by letting you refill your printer once it runs out, rather than compelling you to buy a whole new range of new cartridge. With ASAP Inkjet refilling with Epson ET-2700 compatible cartridges will save you upto 50%.

The upshot is that you will not face much problem with used cartridges from ASAP Inkjet. Moreover, we have money-back guarantees. These compatible cartridges from us also have no adverse effects on the printer’s mechanical parts. Meaning you won’t risk jeopardising your expensive printer by opting our refurbished cartridges.