Printer Hacks: Cut Toner Costs Significantly

Do you think that you’re spending too much on your toner cartridge? Fortunately, there are ways for you to cut down your toner costs if you just do some extra stuff. Now, the thing about most printers is that they have this built-in function that would “detect” when the ink levels are low. When they’re low, you automatically can’t print anymore – even if there still is ink. In essence, you won’t be able to print even if you still did have ink.

The only way to solve this problem and make the most use of your toner ink is to block the sensor function. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Get one stick note.
  2. Look for a small glass hole at the side of the toner. For Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges, this hole is usually a big circle.
  3. Put the sticky note into the side of the hole.
  4. For Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges, there is a small slit on the side of the glass hole where you can put the paper in.
  5. Stick the paper to the hole area and put the toner back in
  6. If you don’t have sticky paper, use duct tape to cover the hole

If you cover the hole, then you’ll be able to make the printer think that the toner is still at least 40% full. This will enable you to use all the ink that you have inside your toner cartridge so that you don’t have to keep on buying.