Preparing Printer to Print Brochure for Business

Brochures are an integral part of your business. It helps grab the people’s attention and turn them into new customers. Also, printing them can be cost-effective. With the right design, brochures can help your business grow.

Before printing your brochure, you have to make the final inspections of your design, as well as the materials you need for printing. You will be needing a lot of ink (such as a Lexmark 150xl ink) and tons of papers.

1. Check Your Print Size

Ignoring this is one of the most common errors when it comes to printing brochures. Professional publishers oftentimes return print layouts because they were not set up for the correct printing size. Remember to make your layout’s size and the output size exactly the same because stretching or shrinking the layout in order to fit in the paper may alter the quality of the print.

2. Bleed

Extend your design (such as your layout’s background colors) a bit further than the page. This ensures that your brochures’ edges are not falling short, leaving white/blank areas over it. When a brochure is being cut, the bleed allows it to have the color’s coverage all over the page, from edge to edge. It is recommended to extend an extra of 3 mm (or 1/8 th of an inch) of coverage beyond the edge of your layout. If you’re doing this yourself, you may require lots of ink, so make sure you are

stocked with cartridges like the Lexmark 150xl ink cartridge for printing large quantities of documents and papers.

3. Choose the Right Paper

Professional printing shops will offer you a selection of an 80lb or a 100lb stock paper, with various finishes like gloss or matte. You can choose any paper you want, but using a heavier paper is beneficial. It makes you stand out from the rest of your competition, giving your business a professional look.

Remember that a well-made brochure is a formidable tool in advertising your business. Knowing the right aspects in making your layouts and printing them can save you both time and money.