Original vs. Compatible Ink Cartridges

What is the difference between the original EPSON T200XL ink cartridges and the compatible EPSON T200XL ink cartridges? Original cartridges are those that are new consumables which are produced by a certain printer manufacturer. A compatible cartridge, on the other hand, is a toner cartridge which is also new and is made by a certain third-party manufacturer.

Which is cheaper?

Compatible EPSON T200XL ink cartridges are cheaper than the originals. However, if you buy the originals which are produced by a certain printer manufacturer, there is a guarantee that these will correctly fit and work with your devices. While third-party EPSON T200XL inks can cost cheaper than the originals, sometimes, there is a price to pay in terms of its quality.

What to use for printing a lot?

It is highly recommended to use compatible ink cartridges if you want to print multiple documents. This is because compatible ink cartridges will help you save money in the future since they contain enough ink at a cheaper price.

However, if you do not print a lot and your main problem is your ink blocking the print heads or drying out, original ink cartridges are best for you. This is because original cartridges have chemicals that will help prevent your printer heads from blocking or clogging up.


There are still many pros and cons of the original and compatible ink cartridges. The things mentioned above are some of the most common differences between the two. It is still necessary to determine what type of ink cartridge is best for you. Also, you should remember that choosing the right one will also help you in the future.