OEM Lexmark 150 Ink Or Compatible Ink Cartridges?

As the days are passing, printer manufacturers are lessening the ink quantity in printer cartridge. In such a time, consumers need a product which will offer them quality ink with lesser cost or larger amount of ink in the cartridge. Since the Original Equipment Manufacturers will not let it happen, therefore, the compatible ink manufacturers are stepping in to improve the state of affairs in the industry.

The shrinking amount of ink in cartridges has enabled OEM to offer XL as a size of the cartridge but almost exactly the same size as the standard cartridge. Both are nearly identical in size but the makers are marketing those as “XL” cartridges and it may even contain less ink than standard cartridges issued a few years ago. Lexmark 150 ink cartridges from OEM are worthless these days because HP sells half-full cartridges, then sticks an ‘XL’ on, fills them up and sells them for even more money. It is shocking to see a rip-off and the difference in manufacturing costs is pennies.

Focusing on any single factor such as the point of purchase, cost per page, the up-front cost of the cartridge or printer, or the millilitres of ink in a given cartridge is not an accurate way to measure the cost of printing. The printer companies dispute that they are squeezing consumers to ramp up profits.

Because of advances in technology, the manufacturers of compatible Lexmark 150 ink cartridges are able to produce a greater number of pages with an equivalent amount of ink. It says consumers should focus on the cost per page of printing, ink costs on a per-page basis have been maintained at the same levels since 2009. One of the leading brands has recently been proved for its ink reduction, but volumes have still shrunk.