Mobile Printers and Scanners: New Printing Revolution

Mobile printers and scanners are now gaining much popularity. This is mainly due to its usefulness especially to travelers doing business. Mobile printers enable them to print and revise necessary documents for their clients even when they’re on the go. Also, architects and photographers can print and distribute their work on demand. Here, we list some of the useful features of mobile scanners and printers.


Small and lightweight printers are ideal to carry around wherever you go. Some mobile printers only take a small amount of space with an average dimension of 7” x 13” and 3” height. Compact printers for photos are even smaller. Some are just about the size of a 4×6 photo paper. The Samsung ML 1665 Toner Cartridges fit in the portable Samsung ML 1665 Printer. However, you should also seek the balance between portability and size. Smaller devices usually come at a higher price for the same features.


Mobile printers and scanners offer impressive print quality and speed. On average, mobile printers can print about 5 pages every minute. However, faster printers can have a print speed rating of 10 ppm or faster. Meanwhile, the resolution of the print can go higher than the recommended 300 dpi to 1200 dpi. Thus, mobile printers and scanners offer high-quality documents and photos in a shorter time. The Samsung ML 1665 equipped with Samsung ML 1665 Toner Cartridges offer good quality printing at fast speeds.


Your mobile printer’s connectivity is an important feature to consider. Most mobile printers and scanners have built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. This allows you to print wirelessly and even at some distance from your printer. Some mobile printers are even able to print directly from SD cards.