Managed Print Service: Is Less More?

Printers are a necessity in our modern day workplace. However, they sometimes experience print errors or hardware issues. Although you might fix the minor issues, you might not always want to keep doing it all the time. Therefore, seeking the services of a managed print service would be the ideal solution.

Recently, there has been a change in managed print services, which has also greatly impacted the environment. Among the key change include reduction of the number of printers used in a workplace. This works on reducing costs and building efficiency. However, is less really more? Below are several reasons why this is true:

  1.    You save money

Statistics reveal that companies that adapt to the new managed print services get to save approximately 30% on hard copy costs, 10% on IT staff, and lower carbon emissions by 60%. Whether you are using a Lexmark 150 ink or a Brother LC101 ink, the lesser printers, you have the more you save.

  1.    Efficiency is improved

When you work with a managed print service, you work with specialists. As a result, you are guaranteed top-notch results. Even with fewer printers, these specialists will not only ensure no detail is overlooked but also work on improving your printer’s efficiency.

  1.    Less downtime

You might sometimes forget to order toner, especially while using printers with a large ink usage such as Lexmark 150 ink and waste a lot of time waiting for more to arrive. Luckily, thanks to managed print services, you get automated supply deliveries that make orders on toner or paper when the printers run low.  As a result, you get less downtime and more printing.

If you are looking for ways to save money, boost production, and reduce paper waste, perhaps you should adapt to the new managed print services.