Manage DPI and Image Size with Brother LC107 Ink

While you take a picture with your camera, your prime concern is how amazing it will look when printed? Yes ofcourse with the digitalization things are a bit changed but for a professional, it is the prime concern. Since, they have strict guidelines to stick to and a standard to maintain, they are very critical with their DPI and image size. Brother LC107 ink will help you get a clear and beautiful picture.

Since, camera can many times fail to capture the exact environment of the moment and thus, that is the time photographers changes their role and becomes the editor in charge. The two most important factors while editing pictures are its size and the pixels. The obvious one is its height and width. In digital images, it is measured in pixels. Pixels are difficult to translate exactly to the actual size of a printed document. This is why the second measurement comes into the place which is dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI).

DPI is what defines the actual image size on your printed document. If you are editing using GIMP, then the images are measured in PPI while in Photoshop, they are measured in DPI. When the dots are dense and packed together, the image will look decent. For instance as a 300+ DPI document will have a decent and cleaned looking printed image. When the image is less denser than 300 then normally it will appear pixelated.

In case you are searching for more clear picture at a higher DPI, the image size will also be smaller. Suppose, you have a photo with 3500 pixels wide and 2800 pixels tall at 300 DPI, it will be 11 2/3″ x 9 1/3″. The same size image with a dpi of 150 will be twice as big, 23 1/3″ x 18 2/3″. Thus, to change the dpi and image size you can use any standard image editor. Keep these aspects in mind and edit as per your requirement. Now, you are ready to print the picture using your Brother LC107 ink.