Is Your Printing Network Easy to Use?

Many companies today, big or small, still heavily rely on paper despite the promising future of a paperless office. With this dependence on paper, quality printer and a good printing network is crucial to any department. With the advancement of printing technology and emergence of new printer parts such as Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges, the need focuses more on making the printing network easy to use for anyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself to know if your printing network is easy to use.

  • Is your printer wireless?

One good indicator of a good printing network is the presence of wireless printers. Such wireless printers can be conveniently connected to the office’s Wi-Fi connections.

  • Is your printer easily shared across the network?

If your company is using Windows 10, most printers should be compatible to be shared across the network. The printing network must be easily navigated in the Printers, Scanners and Other Devices menu of your computer and should straightforwardly list all the shareable printers.

  • How is the accessibility of the printing network?

The network with which your department’s printers are synced must be simply accessible to those authorized to print over the network location. The printing network can either be an open one, meaning it can be accessed by anyone within the network without need of a prior log in configuration, or one with a password. Whatever it is, every newly-shared printer is seen easily in the printing network for easy command.

So, the next time you got your department a newly purchased printer or installed a new Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges, answer the checklist above to ensure that your printing network is convenient to use. Make your office life a convenient working environment to thrive in!