Inkjet or laser printing: which is more cost-effective?

An inkjet printer recreates a digital image by spraying ink onto a paper. Laser printing is a type of electrostatic digital printing process. During the printing process, a laser beam is passed forth and backed over a negatively charged cylinder known as drum, hence defining the negatively charged image. Laser printers use toner cartridges such as Brother HL-2240 Toner and a heated fuser.

Initial and ongoing costs

The initial cost of both inkjet printers and laser printers is almost the same. Both can print, scan images, as well as photocopy. Most laser printers produce black-and-white documents. On the other hand, most inkjet printers can print colored pages.

Inkjet printing is more effective when it comes to producing colored text and images. Most importantly, it is cheaper than laser printing. On the other hand, laser printing is more effective and cheaper in producing black-and-white images and texts.

Text print quality and print speed

Laser printing is unbeatable when it comes to producing black-and-white text pages. In other words, it has higher speed compared to inkjet printing. For normal font sizes, both inkjet printers and laser printers produce a text of the same quality. However, laser printers, especially those that use Brother HL-2240 Toner, are superior when it comes to producing small fonts.