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Is Your Printing Network Easy to Use?

Many companies today, big or small, still heavily rely on paper despite the promising future of a paperless office. With this dependence on paper, quality printer and a good printing network is crucial to any department. With the advancement of printing technology and emergence of new printer parts such as Samsung ML1665 Toner Cartridges, the need focuses more on making the printing network easy to use for anyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself to know if your printing network is easy to use.

  • Is your printer wireless?

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The Myths About Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges

Whenever you are choosing any of third party printer supplies, you have to be careful about the product. Quality varies greatly between manufacturers and suppliers. If the materials are of lower grade or the ink formulation, it will be a problem for the quality of the print. Since, they are outsourced, sometimes through multiple companies, switching suppliers and the cartridge brand could be different than the time before.

The Myths & Clarifications for Remanufactured printer cartridges:

    • These have been fine-tuned to work with your machine. If quality needs to be high but not absolutely perfect or you are doing every day printing, a generic will be more cost effective and you may not notice the difference.

Made in the USA: Premium High Quality Cartridges

We offer a variety of money saving options for our customers. Everyone is tired of paying high prices for original brand ink and toner, so most people are looking for high quality, money saving alternatives. You can find many alternative options from our website, and they all have pros and cons, so we thought of writing this short article to help you make the best decision for YOUR needs.

You have a number of options from us when it comes to replacing your inkjet or laser toner cartridge in your printer, including 1 or more of the following options:

Getting Discounted Ink And Laser Toner Cartridges

For a normal home printer user, low cost printing is the thing, which he is always searching for. I have known many a people, who even after owning a home printer visit the printing cafe very often to print their text and image documents. Some of them were too busy to connect their printer to computer, while there were many others who said, “I use it only when it is very important and urgent. It’s so costly and I can not afford to buy replacements every month. Dude, I need to save the ink for some urgent occasion.” According to them, printing at home is very expensive, and they do not want to waste their money.

Benefits of Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Remanufactured cartridges provide dependable, fair printing solutions to those, who are on the lookout for inexpensive printing experience.

What Are Remanufactured Cartridges

At times, these are referred as to recycled cartridges, which have been produced through a recycling or remanufacturing process. These printer ink replacements are prepared at the recycling plant of either original brands or third party manufacturers.

In the recycling route, empty (original) cartridges are taken through dense checkup to ensure the health of plastic cases. Cases, then, are filled with premium quality inks. The premium quality ink ensures the finer quality printing experience. As no fresh plastic cases are used in the manufacturing, the cost of the bundle of recycled cartridge remains low.

How to Properly Store Your Inkjet Cartridges

Have you ever wondered how long you can store your ink cartridges?

Periodically we get emails from customers requesting information on how they should properly store their inkjet cartridges. Generally, the fresher the cartridge — the better, but they can also be kept for a while if stored correctly

So� How long will an inkjet cartridge last if it is stored correctly?

Let’s start with new compatible inkjet cartridges. New compatible cartridges are new cartridges that are manufactured by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Top 5 Reasons to Recycle Empty Inkjet Cartridges

Recycling empty inkjet cartridges is an easy way for anybody to help to reduce the strain on our environment.

Here are the top 5 biggest reasons to recycle your empty inkjet cartridges.

First of all, each cartridge that is recycled saves almost 3 pounds of natural resources associated with the production of a new cartridge.

Second, each inkjet cartridge that is recycled also saves an average of 3.5 ounces of oil. With the worldwide demand for oil on the rise and supplies shrinking, a little effort can make a significant impact over time.

The Decline of Inkjet Printer Life Expectancy

The average life of inkjet printers has been gradually declining over time. Although current print quality and retail price for new machines have never been better, don’t get your heart set on growing old with your new printer.

Everyday, we receive orders from customers, new and old, ordering cartridges for their “vintage” HP Deskjet or Officejet printers from the early 1990’s. There are a good number of people ordering for their 10-year-old Epson and Canon printers too, but I am really starting to see a dropoff in life cycle of printers made in the last 3 or 4 years.

Do you need a Portable Printer?

A “portable” printer does not just mean “easily moved”. It means that the printer can travel with you and be used in a variety of locations away from your home or office computer. This gives you the ability to work virtually anywhere.

Printers with the “portable” name are typically very compact and lightweight, and come in a variety of styles and options depending on the intended use.

If you need a printer for use in places that typically don’t offer printer access, then you may be a legitimate candidate for a portable printer.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind.

Internet Sales Grow as Brick and Mortar Slow

Even if you are not glued to CNN everyday, most people are keenly aware of the economic slowdown that arrived in 2008.

Despite a less than spectacular Christmas shopping season last year, not all is bad in the world of commerce.

Some statistics show online retail sales were actually up 6% for the last quarter of 2008. As a whole, online sales were largely flat when compared to 2007, with a modest 1% increase for the year.

“Brick and mortar” locations however did not fare as well in these tougher times.

Great digital photo prints: Use High Quality Photo Paper

In order to get the best photo prints you can, you must take into account four separate components of quality.

  • The digital camera image
  • The photo printer capabilities
  • The quality of ink cartridges used
  • The quality of photo paper you use

Each component is a complete topic in itself, but it’s worth a quick overview.

The first major component of getting great prints, is having a good quality digital print. The higher resolution your camera (the more megapixels), the better its ability to produce good quality prints at larger sizes. Whenever possible, take your pictures using the camera’s highest resolution setting.

Great Digital Photo Prints: Use the Right Inkjet Cartridges

The first major component of making great digital photo prints, is having a good quality digital camera. The higher resolution your camera (the more megapixels), the better its ability to produce good quality prints at larger sizes. Whenever possible, you should always take your pictures using the camera’s highest resolution setting.

Assuming you have a good digital camera, the next component for good prints is a good photo printer.

Choosing a good photo printer is another topic in itself but as a quick summary, the basics to look for are:

  • Printing resolution of 1200 dots per inch (DPI) or better

Great Digital Photo Prints: Use a Good Printer

The first major component of making great digital photo prints, is having a good quality digital camera. The higher resolution (the more megapixels) your camera has, the better its ability to produce good quality prints at larger sizes.

Assuming you have a good digital camera, the next component for good prints is a good quality, photo-capable printer.

The printer’s resolution should be at least 1200 DPI (dots per inch). Most printers out these days qualify. Additionaly, there are plenty of professional level printers in the 2400 DPI range if you want superior results.

Are Laser Printers the Best Choice for Small Offices?

Most people consider a laser printer to be the best choice for any office that prints frequently (roughly 500 pages a month). If you are printing monochrome (black) only, there is still some truth to that statement. If you are printing color and monochrome, the best new “laser printer” for you may actually be an inkjet printer.

When you are looking to buy a new laser printer, it is important to consider all the facts before making the purchase.

Assuming you have a $500 budget for a new printer, which one is the best value?