How You Can Configure Printer Settings to Use Third-Party Papers

Maximize your printer’s potential and features by configuring its settings to use 3rd party papers available in the market nowadays. Whether you use an Epson WorkForce WF-2540 cartridges or other ink cartridges of the same kind, it is a wonder that most printers can now accommodate various paper media. The only concern to be resolved then is how to configure your printer, and we discuss them here.

1. When printing using Epson printers, the printer automatically determines and configures the ideal and applicable printing settings for every type of paper media. The settings that are straightforwardly configured by Epson include the paper type, platen gap, and the thickness of the paper media.

2. Take note of your printer’s set of ICC profiles. ICC means International Color Consortium. Simply, these set of ICC profiles are intended to standardize color management across all printing platforms available. Your printer’s manufacturer must supply you with the set of ICC profiles for all kinds of paper media applicable.

3. When printing using a different paper media like luster or metallic photo papers, canvas and others, make sure that you install first the applicable ICC profiles for the printer, paper and ink combination you will utilize.

4. Configure the paper media type settings in your printer’s driver portal dialog box. If your paper type is not found in the menu, configure the settings by using the information provided by your manufacturer regarding paper handling instructions. These instructions will make you determine the closest match for your inkjet printer.

Achieve good prints for both text and graphics on any paper media type or 3rd party paper by properly configuring your printing settings. Remember that an optimal print will always involve following a series of printer driver settings to get quality prints for a particular paper type and good ink cartridges like Epson WorkForce WF-2540 cartridges.