How to Work Out the Cost of Your New Printer

Estimating and maintaining your printing expenses is hard, but it’s necessary for you to limit your expenses while you’re still getting your own printer. The running costs of your printer will usually exceed its purchase price over its lifetime. It’s essential to know the running costs of your printer before purchasing a new one.

Printer running costs, toner, and ink

Once you’re done identifying your printer requirements and some features, you can now start analyzing the printing costs. You can start by checking first the cost of the ink or the Samsung ML1665 toner cartridges. Most of the manufacturers make their own profits on these. This is why cheaper printers sometimes incur higher running costs.

To approximately determine the cost per page, you need to divide the price of the Samsung ML1665 toner cartridge or the ink by the total number of pages the printer could cover. However, the results are sometimes unrealistic. Most of the manufacturers of the printer base their figures on every printed page covered in ink at 5 percent, but a full-text page is normally closer to 10 percent.

Monitoring your printing costs

Once you already have your new printer, try to check if it has a counting software or a printer maintenance that will help monitor the number of pages that you’ll get from each Samsung ML1665 toner cartridge or ink. This will help you predict or determine when will be the right time to buy a replacement Samsung ML1665 toner cartridges.


Having a new printer is a nice thing, but using it for a long run could also cost you a lot especially if you do not properly account for its running costs. That is why before deciding to buy a new one, you should contemplate first if it is worth it at present and also in the future.