How to Set up a Brother Printer on a Wireless Network

Nowadays, people are always on the go. They try their best to squeeze in as much work in a day. That is why a lot of devices have begun to evolve to cater to people’s needs. For instance, some printers enable you to print without the use of wires or cables just like the Brother LC103 printer equipped with the Brother LC103 ink. Here, we list the steps on how you can set up your Brother printer on a wireless network.

Check the current settings of your wireless network

Before you change the wireless network settings for your Brother Printer, first, list down the SSID and Network key of your wireless router. These details are usually written on the side of your WLAN router. These are usually set by the manufacturer and depend on the router’s model.

Configure your wireless network settings

Press the Menu button on your Brother printer. Use the Up or Down key to select Network and press the OK button. Next, choose WLAN and then the Setup Wizard. The display will prompt “WLAN Enable?” then press the Up arrow key to choose On. The machine will then automatically display all available SSIDs. Choose your desired SSID using the arrow keys then press OK. The LCD will then prompt a message regarding the connection. To indicate a successful setup, a WLAN report will be automatically printed.

Install necessary software and drivers

Log in as administrator on your computer. Before starting the installation, make sure that there are no running programs. Also, disable your firewall software if you are using one. The driver can be downloaded from the Brother website. After completing the installation, restart your computer. Now, you can print your files wirelessly using the Brother LC103 printer equipped with the Brother LC103 ink.