How to Reset your Brother Ink Cartridges

Reset_Brother_Ink_CartridgesIf the Brother printer thinks you have an empty cartridge, it will automatically forbid you to print, but you can trick it to print more documents if you just reset the ink cartridges.

Why should I reset my Brother Ink Cartridges?

Here are two known reasons why you should restart your Brother Ink Cartridges:

1. Printers usually convey that your ink cartridge is low or doesn’t have ink when in reality it still has enough ink to print two or more documents. Restarting your ink cartridge may deceive your printer to think you already changed a new cartridge.

2. Sometimes, even if you have successfully changed your ink cartridge, your Brother printer may not be able to recognize it, thus the need to restart it again.


Resetting your brother ink cartridge is only a temporary fix. Replacing a new cartridge will be the best permanent fix for this problem. If you think buying a new cartridge would be costly, then look for trustworthy stores where you could avail of high-quality yet affordable refill or remanufactured cartridges. On the other hand, you could check a third-party printer ink company where they offer cheaper than the official Brother ink cartridges. Buy high-quality brother ink cartridges like the Brother LC103 Ink that would give more number of superior quality and long-lasting prints.

A step-by-step guide in resetting your Brother Ink Cartridge

Method 1:
1. Turn the printer off then turn it on again after a few minutes.
2. Open your printer’s cover. (Refer to your printer’s manual on how to open it.)
3. Press the “print” and “cancel” button on the printer simultaneously. Next, press the “+” button and move down to printer ink cartridge you wish to reset.
4. Then, press “enter” or “okay” to complete your reset process.

Method 2:
1. Turn on your printer and open your printer’s toner door.
2. Then on the printer, press the “back/clear” button to gain access to the reset menu.
3. By using the arrow keys, choose the toner to reset from the reset options, then hit the “ok” button.
4. Press “1” to start the reset process or “clear/back” should you wish to leave the menu.
5. Close the toner door.

Now, you have successfully restarted your Brother Ink cartridge, but this is just a temporary solution to your problem. Should you need to buy a new cartridge, choose the Brother LC103 Ink cartridge that would surely give you top-notch and smooth-sailing printing experience in the future.

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How to Reset your Brother Ink Cartridges
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