How to Print a Test Page

In order to help solve and maintain troubleshooting with your Brother LC101 ink cartridges, you need to use printer test pages. These will identify and show you the different issues of your printer like alignment issues, blocked print heads, and more. These can also help you match some color replication.

What is the purpose of printing a test page?

These printer test pages can help you keep your Brother LC101 ink flowing inside the printer. The print heads could get blocked or your Brother LC101 ink inside and around the cartridge will get dry if your printer will not be used for a longer time. This could also cause inconsistent or blockages of ink flow. To solve this, you could print a test page regularly to maintain and improve the quality of your printer and also improve its lifespan.

Below are the basic steps on how to print a test page:
1. Type the words “Devices and Printers” in the Search box on your taskbar.
2. Select “Devices and Printers (Control Panel)”.
3. Right-click on your printer.
4. Click “Printer Properties”. (Note: Make sure that you select the Printer
Properties and not the Properties)
5. Click “Print Test Page” under the general tab.


It is necessary to maintain the quality of your printer since most of them are expensive. A simple printer test page will not cost you a lot of your Brother LC101 ink and money. Instead, it will help you improve and maintain the quality of your printer, and at the same time, you can save money in the future.