How to Install Canon CLI-271 Ink Cartridges?

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Canon CLI271 Ink cartridge offers improved color, better colorfastness, and a broader color gamut compared to other ink cartridges. With the smart LED, you are in a position to know whether you have installed the tank properly and when the ink tank needs to be replaced.

You can refill your inkjet PIXMA printer with Canon CLI271 ink tank. Its dye-based system enables users to come up with stunning images, which can last a century if properly stored in an archival high-quality photo album.

Process of Installation

Take the ink cartridge, check for the protective cap, remove the lid, then insert the ink cartridge to your printer. On installation, your computer or printer may display alert messages. Kindly note that Low Ink or Empty alerts are ordinary with Canon 271 ink cartridges that have been refilled.

After refilling, the printer might not be in a position to track ink levels. Sometimes, the level indicator may falsely detect an empty cartridge. If this happens, press and hold the STOP button for about 8 seconds.

Press the button until the indicator goes out, and the printer resumes normal functioning. If you are using the latest printer model, you might need to long press both the Stop and Color buttons.

Cartridge Care

In case you have an extra canon cartridge, which is not in use, check to see that the protective cap is in place. Attach it securely to the bottom of the ink cartridge to avoid it leaking or running dry. Also, after removing an expended cartridge, install a new one immediately.