How to Install a new Lexmark Ink Cartridge


Lexmark takes pride in its four-in-one printers that not only print but could also copy, scan, and even fax documents to clienteles from anywhere in the globe. A message would alert the user should the printer be running low on ink; your printed documents may have stripes or appear washed-out if you push through with printing your document with only low ink. This would result in a less professional looking document that is also unreadable. It is necessary to change the ink cartridge as soon as you can should this happen. You can use a Lexmark 150 Ink to yield better and high-quality printing results.

If you are thinking of changing your Lexmark Ink Cartridge, then here is a step-by-step guide that you could use:

1. Hit the power-on button of your Lexmark printer, then elevate the printer’s access door or scanner unit. With this, the cartridge holder will move automatically at the center of your printer.

2. Open the holder lid by pressing down the latch of the cartridge holder.

3. To remove the used cartridge, pull it in.

4. Detach the sticker and tape of your newly bought ink cartridge. Bear in mind that you should not touch the metal nozzles or gold contacts of your new cartridge.

5. Install your new cartridge properly into its proper slot and push down to keep the cartridge in place. Remember black ink cartridge is on the left side, while the colored ink cartridge is on the right side.

6. Shut the cover of the cartridge holder and the scanner or access cover.

7. A message for alignment usually appears after you have successfully installed the new cartridge ink. Continue with the alignment process to ensure high-quality printing.

Enjoy your newly installed Lexmark 150 Ink cartridge and have a smooth-sailing high-quality prints in the future.

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How to Install a new Lexmark Ink Cartridge
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