How to Clean the Print Head of Your Epson Printer

Your Epson printer has steadily given you high quality print-outs. Then, out of the blue the quality of the printouts declined, so you replaced your ink cartridge using genuine Epson T200 Ink Cartridges, but the printouts are still faint and blurry. It might be time for you to use the Head Cleaning Utility of your printer.

However, your need to take note of the following first before starting the Head Cleaning:

  • Try the Nozzle Check Utility first, it will confirm if you need to clean your printhead, plus this will save a lot of ink.
  • If your printer’s ink out light is flashing, check if you’ve installed your Epson T200 Ink Cartridges You cannot perform the Head Cleaning Utility otherwise.
  • Make sure that you have no printing job inprogress. Go to your printer’s queue and cancel all documents first.

Now, here are the steps in performing a Head Cleaning:

Opening from your Windows Applications:

  1. Click on CTRL P and click on Properties

Opening from your Windows Start Menu:

  1. Left click on the Start Menu Icon and go to your Control Panel
  2. Under Hardware and Sound, click on View Devices and Printers.
  3. Left click on the printer you need to perform a Head Cleaning to
  4. From the drop down menu, click on Printing Preferences

Now that you have your Printing Preferences open,

  1. Go to Maintenance
  2. Click on Head Cleaning
  3. Follow the instructions and answer the prompts it will give you
  4. Confirm to print a  Nozzle Check Pattern

Take note:

  • If the pattern of the printout is still unsatisfactory, repeat until it yields a good sample.
  • Leave your print off overnight, perform a Nozzle Check, and if still necessary, perform another Head Cleaning.