How to Clean the Print Head of Your Epson Printer

Epson Workforce WF2540 CartridgesHave you noted a diminished print quality of your Epson Workforce WF2540 Cartridges? Most probably, your dirty print head is to blame for the glitch in your Epson Workforce WF2540 Cartridges. That’s because dried ink may block the print heads, leading to dark or light bands showing across your printed documents. Cleaning the print heads can remove these blockages and return the correct ink flow. Follow the steps below to know how to clean your Epson printer’s print head.

1. Switch on your printer and ensure no print tasks are taking place. If the front ink light is flashing, then you must substitute a cartridge before you proceed. Make sure there are papers in the tray and add more if needed.

2. Click the Start and Devices and Printers icon to assess the list of all connected printers and then double-click your printer. Open the printing preference section by double-clicking the tab and then adjust the Print Options. Choose the maintenance tab and select the Head Cleaning option. The options may slightly differ based on the Epson version software connected to your computer.

3. Click Start when urged to begin the cleaning procedure. Most Epson software versions expect you to click Next to continue.

4. Wait for a few minutes for the head cleaning process to finish. Once the procedure is complete, the power light that flashes during the cleaning activity will discontinue blinking.

5. Click the option for Print Nozzle Check Pattern and then select Print. Your device will print a sequence of zigzagged lines. Reassess the nozzle check pattern printed. If the lines are solid with no faint printing, the procedure was successful, and you may click Finish. If the pattern shows gaps, repeat the cleaning process by clicking Clean.