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The Top 3 Best Web Browsers Reviewed

What Internet browser are you using?

Are you happy with it?

If you’re not sure what an Internet browser is (don’t laugh, many aren’t sure), it’s the software application installed on your computer that turns internet website files into the visual web pages you can interact with.

Different browsers have different features, strengths and weaknesses, which also change over time (anyone remember Netscape?). Since technology is always changing, it’s good to occasionally review your choices, so here is a quick run down of 3 popular browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. There are a few others out there, but we will talk about these three.

2 Photo Quality Inkjet Printers We Recommend

The other day I got an email from a friend saying he was in the market for an new inkjet printer.

He already had an older HP printer, but says it wouldn’t work correctly in Windows 2000 or XP (He has Win2K). Furthermore, HP says they won’t even support the printer anymore, even though he offered to pay them for it. Consequently, he’s forced to buy a new printer because of it. He wanted to know if I could recommend any.

Memjet Makes A Giant Leap in Printer Technology

It must have been sometime in January of this year when I first ran across a small article in one of our trade magazines on a newly developed technology while eating my lunch. This new printer technology was being developed by HP, and they to called it “Edgeline”.

The Edgeline prototype had a fixed printhead (part of the printer that administers ink to paper). This innovative printhead was as wide as the paper itself so it did not need to move laterally from side to side to deliver ink to paper as in all other traditional inkjet printers. Because of this it has much faster printing speeds, so the developing technology was being directed toward photo kiosks and high-speed industrial users.

A Quick Fix for a Printer Not Recognizing Ink Cartridges as Full

You’ve just installed a new cartridge into your printer but then a chill runs down your spine as you see the ink monitor registering the cartridge as empty!

“How can these cartridges be empty? I just opened them!”

At this point, the most common reaction is to swear and fume about how you got an empty cartridge or throw your hands in the air. However, there is a relatively quick solution, and an explanation as to why this is happening.

First of all, let’s talk about the printer’s built-in visual “ink monitor” function.

Favorite Keyboard Short Cuts and Tricks

It was late on Thursday night and I was watching my wife as she painstakingly copied individual photos from her favorites list in Picassa (a photo utility program), into a new album for her parents.

After watching her repetition of mouse movements (right click, copy and paste functions) at work for a minute, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Honey, you know there is a faster way to get all of those photos into a new album than clicking them individually. To copy all of them, push the “Control” button (“Ctrl”) and the letter “A” at the same time, then “Ctrl-C”. That copies all of the pictures. Now select the new location where you want them and push “Ctrl-V”. See? Quick and easy?”