Fixing a Paper Jam: Effective Steps to Follow

Do you have printers at your workplace? Alternatively, do you have a printer at home? If yes, perhaps you have ever experienced paper jam issues. This error can be frustrating especially if you have urgent documents that need printing. However, fixing such issues on some printers such as Brother LC101 ink version can be quite easy and can even do it yourself.

Below is a quick step by step guide on how you can go about fixing a paper jam issue on a Brother LC101 ink printer.

Step #1

Perform a quick check on the paper desk. Remove any loose paper or objects blocking the entrance- papers tend to get trapped while feeding.

Step #2

Check for trapped papers on the rollers. To access the rollers, remove the rear door of your Brother LC101 ink printer. In case you find stuck papers or objects, remove them, close the printer’s rear door, and press the resume button.

Step #3

Now that you have confirmed there are no trapped papers on its rear, open the front cover and check for further trapped papers. In case you find any stuck papers, ensure you carefully remove the paper to avoid harming your printer.

Step #4

The front and back are fine, how about the carriage? Unplug the connecting cables and move your carriage from side to side. Further, rotate the rollers three or more times to confirm they are moving freely and without hindrance.

Step #5

Run a quick overall check to ensure your printer is at its top-notch conditions.

Paper jams are a struggle we have all faced either in our workplaces or at home. However, with a proper follow up of the above steps, you can eliminate the issue in minutes.