Everything You Need to Know About the HP 61® Ink!


HP as one of the most popular brands of printers nowadays has its wide variety of cartridges. One of which is HP 61® Ink Cartridge. It’s available widely and compatible with most kind of printers. This also makes this ink cartridge popular and commonly used. Here’s what you need to know more about this ink cartridge.


The HP 61® Ink Cartridge comes in two sizes – the standard size and the XL size. These cartridges also come in black and color: HP 61 standard black cartridge, HP 61 standard color cartridge, HP 61XL black cartridge, and HP 61XL color cartridge. If you don’t do printing much often, the standard size is more suitable for you. This standard size is also much cheaper than the XL size. The XL size comes at a more expensive price but you may find worth buying it especially if you are somebody who prints a lot of documents whether for office works or business use. The amount of ink of this size is also double than what you’ll get from the standard size.

Page Yield

Typically, the HP 61 standard black cartridge will print an estimate of 180 pages while the HP 61 standard color cartridge will yield up to 150 pages. Because the XL size contains double the amount of the usual standard size, you can print more. The HP 61XL black cartridge may give an estimate of 455 pages and the HP 61XL color cartridge yields 310 pages.

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Everything You Need to Know About the HP 61® Ink!
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