Everything You Need to Know About DTG Printing


Direct-to-Garment Printing or DTG is a popular printing process that is the same with printing on the paper except that it’s directly printed on a cloth. Using inkjet technology, printing method to clothing item is now made easier. The process will just take a couple of minutes once the desired design is ready. Also, it uses a fabric-friendly ink to which it does not affect the color and the shirt once printed. That said, by using a direct to garment printer, lesser human workforce is needed compared to manual fabric printing.

There was numerous comparison with the direct to garment printer from screen printing method; however, it is always best to know both capabilities before jumping into judgment. For the matter of cost, it’s a fact that DTG printing is costly. Prices can go as low as $11,000 to as high as $180,000. So, depending on your needs, it is best to first canvass what type of printer you need to use.

In terms of design and color capacities, direct to garment printer can produce a high-quality product. DTG does not require to use a stencil for design, so the result can provide precise details much like photography. Also, it does not use heavy inks to the fabrics. Although there are fewer limitations in color, the end product of using DTG can get great details of design that you wish to be printed. It is always better to keep in mind about how the printer works and what to do though to make sure the equipment will last longer.