Error Code E50 and How to Fix It

Just like many laser printers, your Brother TN650 will always show a number of status lights whenever there is a problem. One of the most common problems is Error code E500 which can also be displayed as Replace Fuser Unit or Fuse Unit Failure. This means the fuser is no longer working and immediate replacement is required. The fuser unit is responsible for adhering ink in a piece of paper upon receiving some impression from the transfer belt. In case of a fuser failure this whole process will not work appropriately or it will not work at all. Remember, a fuser unit cannot be replaced or repaired.

Below is a step by step process of replacing your Brother TN650 printer fuser unit.

  1. Before replacing the fuser make sure that the new fuser unit matches the model of the printer. You can get the fuser unit number from the brother printer manual given during the purchase.
  2. The fuser unit is always at the back of the printer held by a pair of levers. Turn off the printer and let it cool. Pull both levers to release the component.
  3. To release the fuser pull out the component and pull out the fuser
  4. Follow the same steps i.e. step 1, 2, and 3 to fix the new fuse.

If the 4 steps are correctly followed, your printer should automatically detect the new device and show the light ‘Ready’, which means the device is ready to perform the task.