Does Your Canon Printer Support Windows 7 Configuration?

While most Canon Printers work pretty well with Windows 7, sometimes people may have some problems with the configuration of their printers and their computers. The issues may range from driver issues to connectivity. Sometimes, the problem may even be attributed to a simple ink depletion. Canon PIXMA MG3520 ink levels, for instance, are known to drop really fast.

Check the Drivers

Each Canon driver that you see are usually for different OS versions. With this in mind, you have to check the driver that you’re using. Maybe the driver that you’re using is actually not compatible for Windows 7. In this case, you simply uninstall your current driver and look for the correct one in the Canon  Driver download website. Install the compatible one, and you should have no problem.

Check Connectivity

Connectivity is also another very common problem that a lot of people experience. This is especially true if you are using a Wifi printer. With this, you have to check the printer properties in your Windows 7 and do a short troubleshooting.

Ink Levels

Lastly, just check the ink levels of your printer. Most Windows 7 devices these days won’t allow you to print once it detects that the ink levels are almost near depleted. For example, if you own a Canon PIXMA MG3520 and its ink levels are almost out, you won’t be allowed to print until you refill it with Canon PIXMA MG3520 ink.

If your printer can’t seem to work with your Windows 7 computer, these are some of the things that you may have to take a look at. If you’re still having problems, you may have to contact Canon support for extra help.