Compatibility Options for Epson T200 Ink Cartridges: Where Can I Use Them?

With so many different printer models out there and long lists of confusing numbers, it is easy to see how people can be intimidated when looking to purchase replacement cartridges for their home or office machine. For those of you that use Epson brand printers and all-in-one machines, the Epson T200 Ink Cartridges are not only versatile, but fit a number of Epson Expression and WorkForce series machines.

The first step when considering the Epson T20 ink cartridges is to determine the model of printer you are currently using and which is in need of a replacement cartridge. This model tag can be found in the user manual that came with your machine and sometimes is even labeled clearly on the machine itself making it easy to find. Once you have noted it down, shopping online for a cartridge that fits becomes simple.

If you are using the Epson Expression series printers, then the corresponding models that fit with Epson T200 ink cartridges are the XP-200, 300, 310, 400, or 410 series. Any of these model numbers will function with the T200 cartridges you wish to purchase. On the other hand, if you use the WorkForce series of machines, than any of the WF-2520 to 2540 models will also accept the cartridge.

Once you are sure your model matches with the Epson T200 ink cartridges you are ready for purchase. The T200 series cartridges use Micro Piezo technology instead of thermal inkjet technology. All of the corresponding printer models require 4 cartridges: one black, one cyan, one magenta, and one yellow. Four separate cartridges mean you can easily replace only the empty cartridge you need at your convenience. Page yields are about 165 pages per cartridge, providing great yields with a wide range of compatible printers.