Clogged Epson Print Head Nozzles and Its Solution

Epson is a popular printer brand among consumers because it is of good quality and reasonable price. It is also dedicated to providing clients with innovative printing solutions that they need. For example, it offers printers with individual ink tanks so that users will only replace the color that has run out. It also offers users an option to use standard or high capacity ink cartridges, such as those Epson Workforce WF2540 Cartridges.

However, Epson printers are also popular for another reason—many users encounter the problem of print head nozzles that get clogged. This is one of the causes for lower-than-expected print yields for ink cartridges. If your Epson print head nozzles get clogged, here is what you can do:

  1.   Run a cleaning cycle. You can run a few print head cleaning cycles to try to solve the problem. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. Running the cleaning cycle more than three times can cause more ink to dry up in the nozzles and your problem will get worse the following day.
  2.   Manually wipe. Most printers have detachable print heads. If yours does not, then it may be time to get the professionals in. Or if you are skilled with electronics and are willing to risk it, you can also look for instructions and do it yourself.
  3.   Keep it clean. Prevention is still key to avoiding clogged print heads. Since most clogs are due to air and dried ink, as well as dust, you can prevent clogs by ensuring that you don’t get air bubbles, dried ink, or dust.   
  4.   Print regularly. One way to prevent air bubbles and dried ink is to print regularly. So it is important to get a printer that will suit your printing needs.

To make sure that your printer runs smoothly, make time for regular maintenance. For best performance, always use original inks, such as those Epson Workforce WF2540 Cartridges.