Avoid the Incompatibles by Using Brother’s Ink

A lot of people are buying printers to suit all their printing needs, whether it’s for their digital printing business or home use and expect the best results every time. With that said, many people are very cautious when it comes to printer and ink brands.

That’s why when it comes to printing, the Brother LC101 ink, a reputed ink brand that most people use because of their reliability, is often used. Brother LC101 ink helps eliminate what we call “The Incompatibles” and they’re popular because of this.

Let’s just have a quick peek on “The Incompatibles”.

The Blur

This Incompatible moves really quick that it blurs everything that comes his way. He smears and usually mixes all the colors and the streaks that he touches.

The Fader

This Incompatible always makes sure that not all the letters will be clearly read, fading the dots on the I’s and the crosses on the T’s.

The Destructor

This annoying character always gets in the way of fast and smooth printing that’s why they’re destroying everything that you’re trying to print out by jamming the paper and blocking the nozzles of your printer.

Mucky Pup

This pup is not as cute and cuddly as your pups at home. Instead of leaving a furry memory, it will leave a smudgy mess on your hands and even “pee” on your machine which could lead to a broken printer.

Mr. Inconsistent

You’ll surely bump into this slippery character when you use non-genuine supplies and you’ll just waste your time and paper because the output is not clear enough for your customers to read and rely on.

With Brother LC101 ink, you’ll be sure that all these Incompatibles will be accurately addressed upon and you’ll never have a low-quality and a low-resolution prints all-year round.