3 Common Printing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do your printing projects come out looking worse than you expect? This is probably because you’re making a mistake somewhere in the printing. If you want your projects to come out with high quality, then avoid these 3 common printing mistakes:

Using Wrong Format for Pictures

A lot of times, your pictures may come out blurry or of low quality because you printed out the picture in the wrong format. For example, if you print out a GIF, it’ll come out blurry for sure. Avoid PNG or GIF formats when printing pictures.

Printing Low Res Images

Another mistake that most beginners make is printing out low res images. To get the best quality printing job in, let’s say your Canon CL-246 printer, edit your picture first and make it high res so that it’ll still be high res when you print it out.

Not Having Enough Bleed

Bleed refers to the artwork outside of the file edges. If you don’t incorporate enough bleed in your projects, your print out won’t come out well. The general rule is allowing 3 mm of bleed for regular-sized files. The larger the size of the file you’re printing, the more bleed you must incorporate in your picture. You can set this configuration in picture editors like Photoshop.

These are three mistakes that can be avoided when you do your printing. Even if you have the best printer like a Canon CL-246 printer, you’ll not have high quality projects if you repeat these mistakes. So when printing out your projects, don’t forget these things.