Month: January 2020

A Guide to Changing the Brother Toner Cartridges in Your Printer


You are suddenly low on toner and need to replace the cartridge but you don’t know where to start. Before doing the next step, know some important things first!

  • Always be mindful when you are low on toner. When the print is faded, it’s already a sign to replace. It is always a good practice to replace your cartridge right away.

  • Don’t be confused between the drum unit and the toner cartridge. The drum unit is where you’ll find the toner cartridge. It’s black in color and what you will usually see first once you open the cover of your printer.

Step by Step Guide on Refilling an Inkjet Printer Cartridge


There are two types of cartridges- the refillable ones and the regular ones. We will discuss steps on how to refill regular cartridges which are the most common. An example of a regular cartridge includes the Epson T200XL Ink Cartridges. Here is the refill process.

  1. Identify your work area

Stains can be messy, which is why you need to identify your working space and prepare it. Ink could pour and leave stains, so you wouldn’t want to do the refill over valuable stuff. Place some towels to absorb any spills.

  1. Puncture a hole