Month: October 2019

How to Reset your Brother Ink Cartridges

Reset_Brother_Ink_CartridgesIf the Brother printer thinks you have an empty cartridge, it will automatically forbid you to print, but you can trick it to print more documents if you just reset the ink cartridges.

Why should I reset my Brother Ink Cartridges?

Here are two known reasons why you should restart your Brother Ink Cartridges:

1. Printers usually convey that your ink cartridge is low or doesn’t have ink when in reality it still has enough ink to print two or more documents. Restarting your ink cartridge may deceive your printer to think you already changed a new cartridge.

How to Install a new Lexmark Ink Cartridge


Lexmark takes pride in its four-in-one printers that not only print but could also copy, scan, and even fax documents to clienteles from anywhere in the globe. A message would alert the user should the printer be running low on ink; your printed documents may have stripes or appear washed-out if you push through with printing your document with only low ink. This would result in a less professional looking document that is also unreadable. It is necessary to change the ink cartridge as soon as you can should this happen. You can use a Lexmark 150 Ink to yield better and high-quality printing results.