Month: September 2019

The Different Ways to Print on Wood

print_to_woodPrinting on wood is a great way to make unique designs for your household, workplace, and gifts! You can create plaques, signs, and many creative custom-designed products. There are many ways to print on wood. 5 methods will be discussed here.

Before you print on wood, you should:

  • Get the materials you need

You’ll need a board with the wood of your choice. Pine is a good option. You would also need Acetone, acid brushes, foam brushes, a gel type medium (liquitex), acid and foam brushes, polycrylics, and lacquer spray.

  • Organize your materials

What You Need to Know About Uninet’s Latest Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer

uninet-ublimationUniNet is an original equipment manufacturer with products that are found everywhere in the world.

It recently created a printer named iColor 350, which is only for using sublimation with dye printing.

The iColor 350 series takes Uninet sublimation capability to a whole new level, and thus the products created have a much higher and vibrant quality, and are guaranteed to last for much longer.

How Is The iColor 350 Series Different from Other Transfer Printers?

How Do You Start an Online T-Shirt Business?

 t-shirt-printingStarting a t-shirt printing business is a simple, cheap and fun way to make profit. However, you must know that there is a lot of competition in the market. There are many t-shirt printing brands of high quality, so yours must be uniquely attractive for you to succeed. All You Need to Know About Starting an Online T-shirt Business

  • Shopify

Shopify is a good, simple app for new entrepreneurs and your store can be launched in less than half an hour!

  • Decide On a Brand and Design